Yosemite Poem

Here is the poem from Yosemite. As I left the towering pines behind, I wondered how it must have felt to the first people who visited that beautiful valley. How did they feel seeing Half Dome for the first time?


Sitting in a place
With towering granite walls
Soaring trees and falling water,
The word paradise
Doesn’t begin to describe
The surrounding splendor

In this paradise
I sit wearing a shirt
That says, “Imagine Heaven,”
And so I do
I can’t help but think
This place I sit
Can’t begin to compare
With the eternal home
God is preparing.

In this world
So focused on gold,
I dream of a city
Made of the shiny stuff
So abundant it paves the street.

How ironic only those
Who know gold matters not
Will forever have
Gold under their feet.



Having just spent a week camping in Yosemite Valley, I have renewed my conviction that this world was created and designed, not exploded or evolved into place. Chasing my girls around last week, I had very little time to write, but one poem did shake itself loose onto paper. As soon as I find it, I will post it with pictures. I find my camera’s lense is completely inadequate to capture even a portion of the beauty of that place. If you ever get a chance, go see it with your own eyes, smell the pines and drink the water. Let the peace of silence and wildness settle inside you and go with you from there.

Filling the emptiness

Our society seems to be constantly searching for something be it a mate, a thrill, a buck, something. Sitting in the pew today as I listened to Pastor Tom teaching us about meditating on a verse letting the word of God fill us up, I couldn’t help thinking about all the hollow people desperately seeking to fill their hollowness. The poem hollowness was born from these thoughts:


 Hollowness is the disease
Eating away at society
Loneliness has a hold
Of everyone who doesn’t know

 The hope available
To cure the disease
Keep the hollowness
From final victory

 People are chasing
The quick fix
A Band-Aid to combat
Soul devouring hollowness

 But there is only one
Way to truly cure
The empty space
Eating away at our souls

 Fill up the hollowness
The echoing loneliness
Fill it with a love
A love with no end

Fill it with Jesus
Lover of our souls
He fills the hollowness
Until His love overflows

The hollowness is destroyed
Loneliness fades to dust
Love fills our souls
And hollowness is no more

The Beginning

I recently asked my pastor the best way to share my poetry other than storing it in my phone. He suggested a website and just one month of stalling later, here I am setting up a blog. With a prayer that went something like “Okay, God, here we go,” I begin.

In the theme of our current sermon series, I am going to share a poem which does the opposite of my purpose here on this site. Escaping the Monster has nothing to do with my faith, but it has everything to do with me and being a mother to a child who is afraid of censor flush toilets.

Escaping the Monster

It stares at me
It’s eye watches me
waiting for me to move
As soon as I’m done
I jump off
I escape from the monster
The monster’s red eye blinks
Then it roars and swirls
But it can’t get me
I am safe
Mom laughs
She isn’t afraid of the monster
But I know why
She has nothing to fear.
Mom is too big
For the monster to eat
But me, I am just the right size
To fill the monster’s mouth
Yet every time we visit
The monster in the public restroom,
I escape!