The Beginning

I recently asked my pastor the best way to share my poetry other than storing it in my phone. He suggested a website and just one month of stalling later, here I am setting up a blog. With a prayer that went something like “Okay, God, here we go,” I begin.

In the theme of our current sermon series, I am going to share a poem which does the opposite of my purpose here on this site. Escaping the Monster has nothing to do with my faith, but it has everything to do with me and being a mother to a child who is afraid of censor flush toilets.

Escaping the Monster

It stares at me
It’s eye watches me
waiting for me to move
As soon as I’m done
I jump off
I escape from the monster
The monster’s red eye blinks
Then it roars and swirls
But it can’t get me
I am safe
Mom laughs
She isn’t afraid of the monster
But I know why
She has nothing to fear.
Mom is too big
For the monster to eat
But me, I am just the right size
To fill the monster’s mouth
Yet every time we visit
The monster in the public restroom,
I escape!


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