Filling the emptiness

Our society seems to be constantly searching for something be it a mate, a thrill, a buck, something. Sitting in the pew today as I listened to Pastor Tom teaching us about meditating on a verse letting the word of God fill us up, I couldn’t help thinking about all the hollow people desperately seeking to fill their hollowness. The poem hollowness was born from these thoughts:


 Hollowness is the disease
Eating away at society
Loneliness has a hold
Of everyone who doesn’t know

 The hope available
To cure the disease
Keep the hollowness
From final victory

 People are chasing
The quick fix
A Band-Aid to combat
Soul devouring hollowness

 But there is only one
Way to truly cure
The empty space
Eating away at our souls

 Fill up the hollowness
The echoing loneliness
Fill it with a love
A love with no end

Fill it with Jesus
Lover of our souls
He fills the hollowness
Until His love overflows

The hollowness is destroyed
Loneliness fades to dust
Love fills our souls
And hollowness is no more


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