Reflected Love

Reflected Love

Jesus, Your love is
Beyond human understanding
We cannot fathom
Even a fraction of its depth

Your love has no conditions
It does not expire
You will not withhold it
Your love doesn’t end

Your love is uncontainable
You wrap us in Your love,
Clothe us with Your love,
Teach us with Your love

You created us
To reflect Your love
Like the moon reflects
The sun’s light at night

We can’t understand Your love
Yet we can share it
Let us light the darkness with
The reflected love of Jesus

July 22, 2012


Reflecting on the Tragedy in Aurora Colorado

I have been thinking and praying about what happened and all those involved in what happened at the theater in Colorado. I feel blessed and humbled to live in a country that draws together in the wake of tragedy. Today, I found myself wondering what the best way is to stop a gunman. My conclusion is we should stop them from becoming one. My plan to contribute to this cause is simple: I plan to raise my children to be kind people who reach out to those who need a hug, a shoulder, an ear, a friend. I plan to teach them by example. Mostly, I want to teach them to really look at people and see them for who they are. I hope with God leading us, we will help people who would never ask for help, but desperately need a kind word. I reread one of my poems from earlier this year and felt it was right to post with this message.

The Eye of Life’s Storm

Life is complicated
So many things pulling
All different directions
Swirling around like a tornado
Destruction in its wake

Jesus is the eye of life’s storm
The calm place in the center
Still, quiet, untouched by the storm
A place of safety, rest

When life storms
Pushing and pulling
Seek the eye, the center
Seek Jesus, the storm calmer

He is the eye
He is the I Am
Always present
Always steady
Seek Jesus
Find peace

June 10, 2012

Heart of playdough

My desire is to be malleable and adaptable so God can shape me according to His plan. I want to be formable for whatever He needs.

Heart of Playdough

God give me a heart
That is flexible, moldable
A heart like playdough
A heart shapeable into, 
Whatever is needed.

God, give me a heart
As open and moldable
As a child’s imagination
Give me a heart
A heart of playdough.

Make my heart 
Shapable in Your hands
Form me like playdough
Mold my heart to 
Bring You joy and delight.

My heart is Yours, Lord
Mold it with Your hands
Give me a shapable heart
A heart of playdough.
My playdough heart is Yours.