Ideas are like flowers,
Beautiful under the sun,
Resting at night,
Blooming in season,
Flourishing with proper care
But if they are over watered,
They drown
If they are never watered,
They shrivel and die
Care for your ideas like flowers
With proper care and pruning
May they blossom
And bring delight for years

Shattered Sin

Shattered Sin
God, like a hammer
Shatters our sin
His grace strikes it
Destroying the thing
Separating us from God
Keeping us apart
Shatter the sin
Hammer it into dust
Smash the shards
Pulverize and crush
Everything keeping us apart
Give us sin free hearts.
Today in church, Pastor Tom was talking to us about how sin takes us and constrains us and cripples us. He also talked about how God smashes sin. To illustrate his point, he had Pastor Ben holding a terra-cotta pot with SIN written on it in big black letters. Pastor Tom took a hammer and smashed the sin pot to bits. Messy, but memorable!

A Race Well Run

A Race Well Run

Your race is run
The finish has come
You have gone to the Father
So He can say “Well done,
My good and faithful son.”

You have crossed the line
Marked “start-finish”
With a flourish and grace
We can only pray to match

Your earthly race has ended,
But at the finish
You begin your eternal beginnings
Living amongst the Son in heaven

As Jesus consoles us
Over your death
May He be hugging you
Tight to His chest
Saying, “Well done, my son.”

For Pastor Doug Jeffrey though he hasn’t passed yet, he is in the home stretch with his eyes on the finish line.