In high school, we separated ourselves into groups of friends. Often groups would earn labels based on their common interest. I enjoyed hopping from group to group. This poem is about not assigning labels because I don’t think any person can be boiled down to a label. I sure can’t. I’m a writer, mother, wife, and daughter and that is the tip of the iceberg.


Marked and labeled
Categorized and identified
Sorted into a box
The lid fastened tight

But something is wrong
With the very next one
It doesn’t fit
There’s no label for it

Quick, hit the button
Trigger the trap door
Reject the oddity
It has no category

This system is fine
For object and thing
But should never be applied
To human beings

People can’t be labeled,
Categorized and shut
Up in a box, lid on tight
With all inside alike

People don’t fit
In just one category
One label, one identity
People are much more

Don’t be so quick
To trigger that trap door
When a person doesn’t fit
Inside any box

September 30, 2012

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