Blood Gives Life

Okay, I admit blood is pretty gross. But without it, breathing would serve no purpose. We breathe to replenish the oxygen in our blood. If you’ve ever tried to live without taking a breath, then you know it just doesn’t work. Neither does trying to live without blood. If you don’t believe me, go ahead and hold your breath. when you wake up, enjoy this poem.

Blood Gives Life

Without blood there
Would be no oxgyen
In our limbs, we’d die
Our blood gives us life

A baby grows inside
The mother nurishes him
Through her own blood
Giving the baby life

A baby is born
Cleaned up and checked
Healthy because
He has been well fed

Jesus is killed
His blood spilt, sacrificed
To save everyone
His blood gives us life

I actually wrote this in April, but with Halloween fast approaching, the blood poem seemed right.


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