Changed Perspective

Sit down on the ground
Like a small child
And everything looks
So very much bigger

Flying in a plane
High up over the Earth
The cars look like toys,
The people like ants

Up atop a mountain
The sound of nature
Erase the noisy bustle
Of everyday life

Head bowed and kneeling
Eyes squeezed tightly shut
The world becomes different
Seen in a different light

With the eyes of God
Let us see one another
With the love of God
Let us work together

Let us change perspective
And see with God’s eyes
Let us change perspective
And shine out God’s light

Happy New Year!!


It’s Christmas Eve and this post has two poems… Why not 🙂


His holy feet have walked
The streets of heaven
His human feet have walked
In Earth’s dirt and mud
He was born holy God
And wholly human
Surrounded by animals
In a humble barn
God in the flesh
Savior of the world

Saving Light

Tiny twinkling lights
Brightening up yards
Like tiny fragments of
Bethlehem’s bright star

Scattered all over the Earth
Just like the happy news
Of Jesus’ birth

Oh Christmas time
What a wondrous time
We decorate and remember the day
That Jesus was born

Twinkling lights, decorated yards
Trees in homes
My family and yours
It’s Christmas time once more

It’s time, it’s time
Jesus is born
Just as God promised
He came to save the world!

Amid the Chaos

Rushing around, getting all the
Last minute things
Wrapping paper flying
And holiday buying
Stressed out, not enough time

Amid all the chaos
Don’t forget Jesus
Take time to pause
And remember to focus
On Christ during Christmas

It isn’t about presents
Of fat men in red suits
The weren’t any reindeer
Just a young woman giving birth
To God in a barn

Mary and Joseph
Amid the animals in the hay
Welcomed their baby Jesus
No fanfare or royal procession
To welcome the Savior and King

Amid all the chaos
All the rushing around
Focus on Christ Jesus
With all your
Heart, soul and mind

Mary’s Dream

Was it all just a dream?
An angel came to visit me
He said soon I would have
A baby growing inside of me

Was it all just a dream?
Will I really have a son
A little tiny baby boy
Who I am to name Jesus

Was it all just a dream?
After all I’m a virgin
I am engaged to Joseph
And we have yet to marry

Was it all just a dream?
Will God use me to grow
A child who is His son
A holy child for David’d throne

Was it all just a dream?
No, it was real
May the Lord’s will be done
I am His servant.

Luke 1:26-38

Still Hands

Under a decorated tree
Sit presents wrapped and waiting.
The little hands
That should be ripping
Open all the paper
Have been stilled
Their excitement stolen
Nothing can bring back
Their innocent joy

This Christmas season
In their honor
I pledge to remember
To dance in the rain
To take joy in the lights
To rip the paper off like a child
To see the world
As a place of magic and wonder

In honor of those still hands
I will give out hugs freely
Dispense smiles without hesitation
Cry when I hurt
Those hands may be still,
But mine are not.
To honor those still hands
I will use mine
To make our world better
Until my hands are still

This poem is dedicated to the hands that were stilled in tragedy in Connecticut yesterday.

Another Mother’s Prayer

Raising kids is hard, especially when they are young. I know first hand. Tomorrow is my daughter’s birthday party. She’s turning eight and won’t be watching the news. When they get to school, a parent breathes a sigh and watches as their children blossom and learn at a lightning pace.

Another Mother’s Prayer

Tragedy has struck,
Children have fallen
My heart breaks
Lord, hold those parents
Tight who have paid
The terrible price this day
Lord, You watched
Your own Son be murdered,
You know what they
Are going through
I can only imagine,
And the pain is unbearable
I pray for peace on our Nation
I pray the next one stops
Before anyone is hurt
I pray for healing
I pray for the survivors
I pray for us all
God, bring peace
In this tragedy
This I pray
As another mother
In Jesus Name, Amen