The Voice

Fear is the soul crushing force
That takes apart champions’ hearts
Pain is the tool to distract
Even the strongest warriors

Through the hurt and the fear
A voice calls out, “Stand firm!”
“You are mine! I am yours!”
“Do not fear! I am here!”

All my strength is gone
I feel like fear has won
The voice urges me on
“Do not fear, I’ll make you strong.”

In the dark, filled with pain
Only the voice keeps me going
I am afraid, or at least I was
Until the voice carried me on

“Do not fear, I’ll make you strong,
My name is God. You’ve met my Son.
I let Him die for you
So you could be mine too.”

I listen to the Voice
I’m carried through the pain
The fear’s not so crippling
I hear Your voice, I’m listening

I walk with strength
That is not my own
Guided by the voice of God
Pain and fear have lost their sting

God is my strength
His voice my guide
I walk where He leads
Pain and fear are left behind


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