Another Mother’s Prayer

Raising kids is hard, especially when they are young. I know first hand. Tomorrow is my daughter’s birthday party. She’s turning eight and won’t be watching the news. When they get to school, a parent breathes a sigh and watches as their children blossom and learn at a lightning pace.

Another Mother’s Prayer

Tragedy has struck,
Children have fallen
My heart breaks
Lord, hold those parents
Tight who have paid
The terrible price this day
Lord, You watched
Your own Son be murdered,
You know what they
Are going through
I can only imagine,
And the pain is unbearable
I pray for peace on our Nation
I pray the next one stops
Before anyone is hurt
I pray for healing
I pray for the survivors
I pray for us all
God, bring peace
In this tragedy
This I pray
As another mother
In Jesus Name, Amen

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