Three Words

I love you,
Three little words
Misused a lot
Not used enough

I love you
Sometimes gets thrown about
But when it’s genuinely said
It’s power abounds

Three words that can heal
Three words that contain
A meaning much greater
Than every other phrase

I want you to know,
If its the last thing I do
These are my three words
I love you

Healed Heart

Is your heart part broken,
Is it stretched out and worn?
Has it broken to pieces,
Or been ripped up and torn?

Do you know the Lord,
Father God, Jesus?
Have you sat with Him,
Basked in His love?

He can heal anything
Especially a heart
He puts back together
What the world has torn apart

Curl up in His lap
Pour out your pain
Let Him hold you and love you
Fill you with better things

His love is no bandage
It is a permanent fix
A grace-filled healing
That permanently sticks

We don’t deserve it
We cannot earn it
This love is a gift
We need to live

Is your heart part broken,
Is it stretched out and worn?
Has it broken to pieces,
Or been ripped up and torn?

Curl up in His lap
Pour out your pain
Let Him hold you and love you
Fill you with better things

This poem come as my response to my friend amazing miraculous experience undergoing open heart surgery this past week. God is amazing.

Until We Meet in Heaven

A dear friend passed away this week. Though he was in his eighties, his death was unexpected. I find it very appropriate that he lived to see one last Christmas because he looked like Santa. Sure, I never saw him in the red suit, but since I was seven, I have greeted him each Sunday with a hug and a “Hi Santa!”

This Sunday, I say until we meet in heaven, Santa.

Until We Meet in Heaven

My friend has finished
His time upon this earth
I will miss his smile
And his fluffy white beard
He never wore red,
But deep inside I knew
If ever there lived a man
Who could fill Santa’s suit,
It was Ken, my friend
He was descent and kind
Generous and jolly
His laugh was hearty
And his eyes held a twinkle
He didn’t have a sleigh
Or elves or reindeer,
He had a deep, deep faith
In Jesus our Savior
And now he has gone
To dwell up in heaven
And though I will miss him
We will meet again
And so I goodbye for now
Until we meet in heaven

I think when Jesus spoke of building up our treasures in heaven, He spoke of people. I’m sure there is more to the passage than that, but I consider Ken to be a treasure greater than any monetary value.

Remind Me

Sitting in church today, Pastor Tom mentioned a song from youth group. I haven’t heard it in years, more than a decade.) Yet at the name of the title, a wealth of memories flooded my mind, including the entire song. I began pondering how or brains work and the word remind:

1. Cause (someone) to remember someone or something.
2. Cause someone to think of (something) because of a resemblance or likeness.

I file away memories in my Head and some of them lie dormant, waiting for something to remind me of them. To bring the memory back to the surface into active mind. There are a lot of things I need to be reminded of, I don’t want God’s love to ever be one of them. But, I’m just a human. I forget sometimes and need to be reminded. Here is my prayer:

Remind Me

I gave my life to You,
Many years ago
I fell in love with You
You called me Your own
Remind me, Lord
How it was back then

I grew and learned
I read your written word
I studied and prayed
I grew closer to You
Remind me, Lord
How sweet that was

Life got hard
There hurt beyond belief
I only survived by
Being carried in Your arms
Remind me, Lord
How I need You

Life got busy,
I put the bible down
It got dusty
I forgot to pray
Remind me, Lord
How miserable that was

Remind me, Lord
I’m a forgetful creature
Show me again,
Your loving, caring nature
Remind me again
I will always be Your daughter

I will forget things
I will fail again
Remind me, Lord
You forgave my sin
I remember now
Please keep reminding me


In the good
Or in the bad
Through life’s trials
Or when all is glad
One thing never changes
One thing remains
One solid constant
Only one rock solid thing
His name is Jesus
A rock so firm
Not even an earthquake
Can make Him move
He is God
In the flesh
Who came to Earth
To die so we could live
His name is Jesus
He is constant
Unchangeable since long before
The world was formed

It is a New Year a time for renewal and change. Our God is unchangable. I find this a hard thing to remember in this malleable world which is reshaping constantly. My resolution for 2013 is to remember no matter what I do, God’s love for me doesn’t lessen or waver. Neither does His love for any of us.