Until We Meet in Heaven

A dear friend passed away this week. Though he was in his eighties, his death was unexpected. I find it very appropriate that he lived to see one last Christmas because he looked like Santa. Sure, I never saw him in the red suit, but since I was seven, I have greeted him each Sunday with a hug and a “Hi Santa!”

This Sunday, I say until we meet in heaven, Santa.

Until We Meet in Heaven

My friend has finished
His time upon this earth
I will miss his smile
And his fluffy white beard
He never wore red,
But deep inside I knew
If ever there lived a man
Who could fill Santa’s suit,
It was Ken, my friend
He was descent and kind
Generous and jolly
His laugh was hearty
And his eyes held a twinkle
He didn’t have a sleigh
Or elves or reindeer,
He had a deep, deep faith
In Jesus our Savior
And now he has gone
To dwell up in heaven
And though I will miss him
We will meet again
And so I goodbye for now
Until we meet in heaven

I think when Jesus spoke of building up our treasures in heaven, He spoke of people. I’m sure there is more to the passage than that, but I consider Ken to be a treasure greater than any monetary value.


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