We are the salt and light
Standing separate in this world
Filled with what is needed
To bring peace and freedom
We on call our Creator
To be our Savior
To make us the salt
In this world, yet
Set up as a living example
Of our God who saves
Cares for our needs
And fills us with love
Overflowing love
Overwhelming peace
Let me be salt
And let the world
Be very thirsty

My pastor talked about salt and my curiosity got the best of me. Here is what I found: check out this article for more info.

Clearly, we treat and use salt differently than a couple thousand years ago. In fact, I won’t hesitate to say people back then might just call us rich because we have so much of the stuff. At one point, soldiers were paid in salt. Ladies, imagine that in your purse. Men, your wallet might look a tad different. Salt was equated with life. They used it to preserve food and for a hundred other reasons.


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