Risen Indeed

The sun rose
On the third day
The earth shook
The tomb opened
The Son rose


They feared him,
They wanted him gone,
Wanted him silenced
They arrested him
They put him in chains
They mocked him
They beat him
They crowned him
With a ring of twisted thorns
They hung him on a cross
Until he died
And entombed him
But he refused to stay
On the third day
He rose from the grave
He was alive,
No longer dead
The Son of God
Author of life
Conqueror of death

Don’t Wait

Don’t procrastinate
Meditate on God’s word
Don’t wait until
Your world crashes down
Don’t wait for disaster
To strike you
Or tradegy to consume
All you love
Dig into God’s word
He’s waiting
To show you the path
That doesn’t lead
Over the edge of a cliff
Don’t wait until you fall
Dig into God’s word
Don’t wait, don’t wait at all

Take a Look

Take a look
At how muscles works
And see if you think
They weren’t designed.

Take a look
At flowers and
See if you think
They just kind of happened

Close your eyes
And think about
How your mind works

I find evidence of creation
Inside my body
And in all nature

From the balances
Of dark and light
To the cycle of the tide

I find all these things
And so many more
Evidence of amazing creation

Will You Answer?

Hosanna! Hosanna in the highest!
They laid palm branches down
To carpet the ground
So the feet of the colt He road
Wouldn’t touch the dust

They welcomed Him
With a greeting fit for a king
Little did they know
What the following
Days would bring

How could only a week
Have passed between
The crowds roaring
Heralding His triumphal entry
And Him hanging on a cross

Now we call it Holy Week
Sunday He was welcomed
Thursday there was a feast
Afterward He was arrested
He was killed the very next day

Saturday was spent
In soul rending mourning
Tears were not enough
To express their feeling
Of total loss and grief

On Sunday, something happened
Something many still don’t believe
The man they had killed
Had risen and not stayed
Entombed in His grave

Hosanna in the highest!
He saved us all
He paid with His life
And defeated death too
Risen and alive, Jesus calls to you

This past Thursday, my five-year-old answered His call by saying yes.

Climb On

Looking up at the peak
The path to the top
Seems way too steep,
Impossible to climb.

Searching around for a way
There is eventually a path,
It seems unlikely,
But there’s no other choice

This mysterious path,
First hidden, then found
Is more gentle and not
Too hard to climb

Though the path twists
And goes strange places,
Before you know it
You have reached the top

Climb on
Reach the peak
Climb on
Find the way
Climb on