Sacred History

I have life long
Relationship with God
Not the simple idea
Of a higher power
Of some intangible thing
Greater than me
I have a real relationship
A personal one
With my God
The One who
Wrapped himself in flesh
And came to live
As a human
From birth to death
We talk and walk together
We share everything
He’s the only One
Who knows my thoughts
All of them,
Even the ones
I’d rather hide
Or when I’m mad at Him
Or when I tell Him
He can’t be real
He knows them all
Together, we’ve been
Through everything
That is our
Sacred history
My life long
Relationship with God


Trust Not

Doubt flows like fog
Fills cracks too small to see
Opens fissures minutely
Creeps in silently

Doubt hunts and
Stalks trust like prey
It aims for the kill shot
But is happy to maim

Questioning is always okay
But remember to doubt
The doubts themselves
And put faith in trust

Strength to Stand

Though temptations come
With almost every breath,
I will stand and go on
Not with my strength, but God’s

When tragedy strikes
My heart is torn to pieces
I will stand and go on
Not with my strength, but God’s

When bullets fly,
Shrapnel flies, bombs explode
I will stand and go on
Not with my strength, but God’s

The strength is not mine
It belongs to God
I will stand and go on
Not with my strength, but God’s

God, Where Are You?

When the news says
Horrible things are happening
To people just like me,
God, where are You?

When I’m breaking
Can’t take one more thing
About to lose it,
God, where are You?

When tragedy strikes
The world falls apart
The innocent suffer,
God, where are You?

You are there,
You are here,
You are everywhere,
God, You are right here.

You hold us,
You comfort us,
You heal us,
God, You are here.

The Shape of Justice

Justice comes in many shapes
Some familiar, some obscure
A star-shaped badge
Pinned to a uniform,
A gavel and a robe
The camouflage
Of military fatigues
These we all recognize

But what about those other things
Less familiar, more obscure
Arms wrapped around a stranger
Caring for someone
You don’t know
Holding a hand with compassion
Or letting honest emotions flow

The list is not
Complete by any means
Nor is a lot of it about justice
But it describes just us
Reaching out person to person
This is just the shape of us