Jesus was no superhero
But He saved all humanity
And He did it permanently
Not just once

He wore a teacher’s robe,
Not a cape
He was invincible
But chose to die

Just for us
He gave his life
Jesus was no superhero
He just saved us all

Like a Child

I just watched one of out pastors ask his 3 year old daughter to wait for him for a moment while he talked in front of church for a few minutes. “Okay Daddy,” she replied. May we all trust God as easily as she did.

Devine Twitter

Do you talk to God?
How do you pray?
Do you set time aside
Every morning or night
Or do you only call on Him
In the middle of trouble

I talk to God
Here is how I pray
Sometimes out loud
Or in my head silently
Sometimes there aren’t even words
We talk throughout the day

Some people tweet
But me, that’s how I pray
If you can tell people
How simple to tweet a prayer
Straight to God
All through the day

Feeling Slave

God, I feel like
I’m a slave to feeling
My feelings drive me
Control my mood
And my productivity

Happy, sad
Angry, quiet
Head over heels in love
Down in the dumps
Feelings enslave me

God, I feel like
My feelings get in the way
I want to serve God
To get things done even
When I feel like I can’t

I don’t want to be
A slave to these feelings
Don’t let them
Get between us
Break these feeling chains

Shared Pieces

As long as one of us draws breath,
You will always be my child
And I will aways be your mom

Though you will grow up
And have a family of your own,
You will always be my child.

Even if you lived on the moon,
You wouldn’t be too far away
For me to love you.

When you grew inside me
A piece of my heart
Grew inside yours

And a piece of your heart
Grew inside mine
Those pieces will never leave

As long as the sun rises,
I will always love you, my child
And I will aways be your mom


What is your treasure?
Is it made of silver?
Or maybe it’s gold?
Do you keep it in the bank,
Or locked away in a chest?

Or is your treasure
More than money?
Can you draw, write, speak?
Do you paint or build?
Is your treasure
Loving people?

Have you ever
Thought of that
As your treasure?
Or have your eyes
Now opened?

Treasure can be
Shiny things, but
There are way better
Treasures out there
Less obvious ones

In case you’re wondering, my treasure is writing. It’s also my gift from God. And I chose to gift my treasure back to Him. What’s your treasure? What are you going to do with it?