Everyone Struggles

Everyone faces struggles
Personal, often painful
Some struggles are physical
Seeable and obvious
But most of our struggles
Are buried deep inside
Where no human can see
Only God sees that deep
We fight, we struggle
It can be a burden
Or a triumph
More often, it’s both
Everyone faces struggle
It’s not what it is
That makes a difference
It what you do with yours
And what I do with mine

Okay, now that the poem is over, here’s one of my struggles: I’m afraid my writing isn’t good enough. That’s why this blog is only one year old, not five. I’ve been writing this poetry since elementary school, but just kept it for me. I’m 35, that’s a lot of poems. I don’t share this information to gain praise for admitting my fear. I’m sharing because stating what scares me and held me back for so long steals the power my struggle has over me. This struggle is one I wrestle with daily. It isn’t gone and I don’t always win, but each uploaded poem is a triumph. I pray God blesses you through these words I gift back to Him.


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