Fear Change

Oh I long for the day
When the only fear
I have left is the fear of The Lord
A fear that doesn’t scare me
A fear where I tremble
With excitement, not terror
When fear no longer
Means darkness is coming
When fear means
My God worth all awe and respect
And He calls His child
And call Him Daddy
I long for that day


Caution Tape

Caution, warning, danger
Read the signs
Don’t cross the lines
Beware of what can hurt you

Try not to drink poison
Or get a deadly shock
But when it comes to Jesus
Pull down the caution tape

Bright yellow or orange
Red is for fire
A skull and crossbones
Threatens real harm

But when it comes to Jesus
Throw caution to the wind
Take a risk, a chance
Tear down the caution tape

Let the life He plans for you
Be full of risk
And taking crazy chances
Trusting God to protect you

In life, heed the signs
There to keep you alive
But when it comes to Jesus
Rip down the caution tape

What I Want

I want to leave behind
A legacy that lasts
Beyond me and impacts
The world after I leave it
By bringing glory to God
I want to leave a legacy
Of laughter and smiles
To teach people to find
The humor and joy
In every moment
No matter how bitter
Or sweet it might be
There is always a way to smile
Though sometimes
It is harder to find
And sometimes it’s easier
You can only listen
To a child’s uninhibited laughter
For so long before joining in
That is how life should be

Just One Song

A radio can only play
One song at a time
When two come out
Nothing sounds right

This world has a lot to say
It’s noisy and raucous
More distracting every day
Like four songs playing at once

God likes to whisper
Speak quietly to the heart
Prompting with a nudge
Or just a small feeling

The radio is yours
The knob in your hand
You can tune in the noise
Or tune in God’s voice


My testimony is the story
Of my life with Jesus
He’s walked with me
Since I was five
And what an adventure
It has been
Through doubts and fears
He has carried me
When I wasn’t enough
He became more
Than I thought possible
And when demons attacked
His name alone
Was all I needed
To protect me
When people attacked my heart
Jesus mended all my wounds
He built me up from within
Made me stronger, more flexible
These past thirty years,
Since I invited Jesus
Into my heart to stay
He’s kept his promise
To never leave me alone
Through every step
Forwards or back
And with every
Breath I’ve drawn
Jesus has been with me
Always by my side
And living inside
Being always with me
So if you want
To be never alone,
Always loved and supported
To have someone
Who always sees
Exactly what you see
And knows what you think
And still never leaves,
Just say to Jesus,
“Come live with me.”
That’s my story,
That’s my testimony

Sometimes Only God

Sometimes only God hears
The screaming crying pain
Of my soul’s compassion
On another I can’t reach out and touch

Sometimes only God sees
The way I’m shaken
To my very core
By what I see

Sometimes only God knows
How fervent my prayers
Are for another
Prayers never uttered, only thought

What is done in secret
Only God can see
What is kept inside
Only God knows

Sometimes only God understands
How deeply moved
I truly am in my heart
And everything inside me