Advice For The Present

In the future,
You have to deal
With what you did
In the past

Unspoken Cry

How many of us
Are walking around
With hearts that are screaming
Unspoken cries for help

How many of us
Are only just
Holding it together
Wait for someone to notice

How many of us
Can’t find the strength,
The time or a way
To ask for help

How many of us
Are walking around
Needing someone to hear
Our unspoken cries

Central Coast Writer’s Confrence

The writer’s conference was amazing again this year. I got to immerse myself in writers for two days. I loved every moment, even the ones that left me wondering if I belonged there. This was my third year attending and I can truly say after actually sleeping last night, I’ve come to a definite conclusion. This crazy up and down writer’s life is my path. I happily take on the mantle: Author. I accept the doubts, hang ups, rejections, and challenges that are part of my path. I am on the way. I am where God has put me.

Gold Plated

What the people see
Is the shiny outside
Plated in gold
Polished to a gleam
Flawless to the human eye
But beneath the gold
Lies a core of
Solid, worthless metal

A ring of gold passed down
From generation to generation
Tarnished, called outdated
There are nicks that
Even a good polish
Might not buff out
The original gleam
Might never come back

People aren’t any different
We each have a choice to make
To be gold or gold plated
Everyone makes their choice
Both may have a gold surface,
But only one has gold inside
What choice will you make,
Gold or gold plated?

If You Only Knew

What you don’t know
What you can’t see
Is the pain inside me

What you don’t know
What you can’t hear
Is the screaming inside me

What you don’t know
Is how much I hate me
And how I tell me all the time

What you can’t hear
Is my voice in my head
The one that says I’m nothing

Written in response to a sermon on suicide. I’ve spent time with depression in my past, not always my own. These are the words no one could say when they were also all the that could be seen.