Recapture Your Wow

Have you lost your wow?
Forgotten about awe?
Gotten stuck in a rut?
Has life gotten all blah?
If so, then stop!

Take a new look
At common things
See your everyday scenery
As if you’ve never seen it before
Recapture your wow

Watch a child
Discover mud
Read a book
Stare at clouds above
Relearn what awe is

Watch a dying person
Do their last things
Take nothing for granted
Enjoy the smallest moment
Knowing it might be their last time

Have you forgotten
What wow means?
Study what you love
As if you know nothing
Recapture your wow!


What I Am

Strong is what I am
When you feel broken
In your troubles,
I am what keeps you together,
When you feel lost,
I guide your every step,
When you fall,
I soften your landing,
In your weakness,
I am made perfect,
When you feel the most alone,
I am right inside you,
When you can’t,
I Am.

Fear on my Path

Fear surprised me
Reared its ugly head
Showed me its sharp
Rows upon rows of teeth
For a long time,
Fear blocked my path
We tussled, we struggled
We fought, we wrestled
I decided to stomp on Fear
Fear reared back and bit me
The wound was painful
It got infected
I had to stop, to heal
While I sat on the path,
I studied Fear
Thought about our struggle
When I was better,
I greeted Fear as an equal
I showed Fear to Hope
They became fast friends
And Fear’s teeth didn’t seem as sharp
I opened my pack
And put Fear and Hope inside
I slung them over my back
Deciding they would
Both be my companions
As I journeyed down my path

The Self-Help Section

The answer to my problems
Is in the self-help section
One of the books
Holds the answers
That I need to help me
The problem is simple,
It’s even in the title
My problem is me,
Myself and I
When I tell me
I’m not good enough
I make me feel unaccepted,
Unsupported, unappreciated,
Uncertain and unprotected!
When my problem is me,
How can it help myself?
I left the self-help section
And picked up the bible.
Jesus is the help I need.
Only He can save me from me.

The 5 “uns” supplied by Pastor Tom Morris

What Holds You Back?

What keeps you from God?
Is it fear? Maybe hurt?
Me personally, I fear success
I fear what happens
After I take a step down
A life changing path
One place I didn’t hesitate
Letting God in my life
The pastor asked
If I wanted to live my life
With someone who would
Never leave me alone
Who would understand
My every thought and fear
I didn’t hesitate
I asked Jesus to live in me
And He does.
Every word I form
Every breath I draw
Is one less I have left
To impact this earth
Before heaven
So I’ll ask,
Do you want
The same thing I have?
What holds you back?