New Year’s Eve

Hello and Happy New Year!

You each clicked follow on reflection of faith for different reasons. I just want to end this year by saying thank you. And more so to say how amazing each of you is. Do you know how loved you are?

Sometimes I forget how much God is all about me and how He is all about each of us. I’ll probably have a poem about that later, but know how much you are loved by the One who made us all. And I love each of you even though we’ve never met. If you carry nothing else with you into the new year, hold onto being loved.



On January first
Of twenty thirteen,
I made a one word resolution
A one word theme
To carry with me
For an entire year
I choose grateful
It was easy to start
Each day with my heart
In tune with being grateful,
But then I’d open my eyes
And the day would begin
And gratitude got much harder
Frustration attacked me
Annoyance joined the fray
My attitude shifted
My gratefulness would evaporate
I had to fight to keep
My head in the game
And center my heart
On gratefulness throughout the day
I didn’t always get it right,
But when I did,
My heart overflowed
With gratefulness
Sometimes leaving me in tears
This year of gratitude
Has been amazing
I’m grateful for it all
Even when I failed
And wasn’t grateful at all
Heading into the next year
I’m debating what to do
Should I pick a new word
Or carry grateful with me
Next year too?

Christmas Is

Christmas is itchy new dresses
That gleam and sparkle

Christmas is wiggly kids
And ripped up paper

Christmas is family and frenzy
And shiny twinkliness

But is that all?
Is that all Christmas is?

No, not at all. Christmas
Is quite a lot more.

Christmas is about a tiny baby
Who would save the world

Christmas is about Jesus
The Son of God

Mary’s Dream

Sharing Christmas posts from last year


Was it all just a dream?
An angel came to visit me
He said soon I would have
A baby growing inside of me

Was it all just a dream?
Will I really have a son
A little tiny baby boy
Who I am to name Jesus

Was it all just a dream?
After all I’m a virgin
I am engaged to Joseph
And we have yet to marry

Was it all just a dream?
Will God use me to grow
A child who is His son
A holy child for David’d throne

Was it all just a dream?
No, it was real
May the Lord’s will be done
I am His servant.

Luke 1:26-38

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God on Earth


Amid the chaos
In a town overflowing
No room was found
But a bed made of straw

As the animals shifted
In their stalls
A baby’s cry
Pierced the air

There in the straw
Amongst the farm animals
Was born the baby Jesus
The Savior of the world

Son of Joseph and Mary
Son of the Living God
Messiah and Savior
Whom the prophets foretold

Since the world’s creation
Everything is insignificant
Next to the birth
Of Jesus the Christ

He was God on earth
God in human flesh
He who created the world
With only His breath

Holy is He and deserving of praise
Glory to God in the highest
Praise be to His Name
Glory, glory, glory to Jesus

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Fear Makes Us Stupid

Even the most tame dog
Will bite when cornered,
Not because it’s mean or bad
But because it’s scared

When people are afraid,
Or feel cornered,
We do worse than bite
And senseless things happen

Tragedy borne of fear
Makes us stop thinking,
Our brains turn off
Fear makes us stupid

Inconsiderate beasts
Who never think
Beyond our own desperation
Fear makes us stupid

So stop and think.
Don’t let fear master you
Don’t let it take your mind
Don’t let fear make you stupid