My Daddy

God is our Father,
Most have heard
This analogy before,
But I beg to differ,
God is my Daddy.

He is not some
Remote figure
Separate, formal
Untouchable, remote
He is snugly close



Jesus is unevictable
You throw Him
Out of your heart
Any sooner than
You leak all the blood
Out of your body
And go on living
Once you invite God in,
Nothing in creation,
Not even you,
Can separate
You from God
He will never leave you
He is unevictable

Paper Chains

There are so many things
In this world that chain us up
Relationships, mistakes
Our own words
Addictions, distractions
And many more things
Act as chains
Keeping us from
Being who God
Made us to be
Following the plan
He has for us
But what no one
Seems to see
Is the chains of our own making
Are chains God has
Turned to paper
With God’s help
The break as easily
As paper tears
You can cast off
Your paper chains

I Am

I get what God means
When He says His name is “I Am”
He means the same thing I do
When I use His words
To reassure my kids:
They ask who is going to love them
If they are bad? I am.
Who will take care of them
When they get sick? I am.
Who is there no matter
What happens? I am.
Who is there to hold them
When they hurt? I am.
Who is there to celebrate with them
When things go right? I am.
Who is in their hearts for all eternity?
That would be the same God
Who lives inside me.
The Great I Am


Your worth is not based
On how you look
Your worth is not based
On what you’ve done
Your worth is not based
On what you have
Your worth is not based
On what you can do for someone
You have inherent worth
As being who you are
You have inherent worth
No matter what you’ve done
God finds you worth
The life of Jesus
Who are you to tell
God he’s wrong?
You have inherent worth

I’ve Got Nothing

Broken, messed up
Why would God
Want to hang with me?
What do I have to offer
To a holy, eternal being?
I’ve got nothing

I’ve turned my back
And denied Him
More than I want to admit
Why would He take me back
It just doesn’t make sense
I’ve got nothing

No reason for
God to love me
But He does
I’ve got nothing
And God couldn’t care less
He still loves me

There is nothing I can do
To keep God from me
He sees who I am
Not who I pretend to be
He is my everything
Oh how He loves me

How God Sees My Failure

Every thought that
I’m not good enough
I’m a failure
Not worthy of God’s love
How could He ever
Want a screw up like me
He answers every single
Thought the same way
“Shh, Daughter.
You have never been more wrong.
I love You no matter what.
That list of reasons
You have laboriously crafted
The things you think
Need to be set right
Before I can love you.
Yeah, they’re gone.
I got rid of them
The moment they crossed your mind
I took them away
They are dust.”
Then His arms pull me against Him
And I rest my unworthiness
At God’s feet as He whispers
“Welcome home, beloved.”