If I Never Wake Again

My daughters,
Know how much
I love you
Know how deeply
I am a part of you
How I look in your eyes
And see bits of me looking back
The most important thing
For you to know is
How much deeper
God’s love is for each of you
If never wake up again
I want you to know
How I’ve walked with God
How he has NEVER
Let me down, not once
When I stop waking up,
Know I am with God
Know I haven’t stopped
Watching over you
And God will never stop
Loving you, not ever
Rest on God
You are the most amazing
Daughters I could imagine
And it is my honor
To be your mom
I don’t know how
I got so blessed
To get you two as my own
I love you.

Can’t Box Up My God

Can’t Box Up My God
He’s bigger than life
He’s bigger than this world
He’s bigger than the whole universe
No one makes a box that big

Can’t box up my God
He’s stronger than any storm
He’s stronger than gravity
He’s stronger than death
No one makes a box that strong

Can’t box up my God
He’s greater than any power
He’s greater than fame
He’s greater than everything
No one box that big

Can’t box up my God
He loves bigger
He loves stronger
He loves greater
Than could ever fit in a box

Ever Faithful

Experience is etched
On her smiling face
Her movements have slowed
But her mind is strong
She speaks of a life
Spent with God
When she had nothing
God had something
Ever faithful since the beginning
A job some might hate,
She did with God’s grace
Her needs were met
God was faithful, ever faithful
Through all life’s twists
And crazy, wild turns
He has been there for her
On the day she fell
And stayed on the ground
And entire day passed
Before human help came
In all that time,
Never once did she doubt
God was there with her
Not one breath was drawn
Without God by her side
Every moment in the past
God was faithful
Why would He stop?
He is always faithful, ever faithful

Unclutter Your Brain

Set aside what is
No longer needed
Get rid of the things
That make life
A complicated thing to live
Keep it simple
Unclutter your brain
Clear it out,
Spruce it up
Make it a place
You enjoy spending time
Be at peace
Inside your own head
Keep it simple
Where you can
If you can’t,
Give the complicated stuff
Enough space
To spread out
So it won’t overwhelm you
And clutter up your brain
Unclutter, reorganize
Make your skull
A place you can spend time
Unclutter your mind

My First Valentine

No arrows needed
No Cupid here
Just a short conversation
And acceptance needed
To unlock the door
To overwhelming love
A completeness so deep
It goes beyond words
Not candy or flowers
Something more better
Than all the chocolate
In the world
This thing is the love
Of my first Valentine
His name is Jesus
And He lives in my heart
I asked Him to stay there
To never leave me alone
To fill me with love
And wrap me in His arms
No greater gift
Have I ever received
Than my Jesus,
My first Valentine
Always loving me