Christian means
One who follows Christ
I’m a Christian
I follow Christ
Over the years
The word has been abused
Used to justify slaughter,
Genoside, torture, murder, war
The word Christian
Has been tarnished,
Drug through the mud
Stomped on. Crucified.
Just as Christ was.
I am one like many I know
Who take this tarnished word
And see that it has a true meaning
And no layer of human applied filth
Can ever tarnish
What Christ did when
He spill every drop of blood
From His body for us
And that is why
I am a Christian


Music or Life

One note out of tune
Throws off the whole chord
Failure to fix the flaw
Leads to a totally
Messed up song
Ignore the sour string
And the entire
Set is ruined
All from one note out of tune
To stop and fix the string
Would save the whole piece

A Child’s Eyes

In a child’s eyes
Lives innocence
A child’s eyes
See with out judgement
They see who we really are
A child’s eyes
Dazzle with each new wonder
All the bright colors
They see the blooming
Of flowers with amazed wonder
A child’s eyes see
The great splendor
In every blade of grass
Marveling in the deep color
A child’s eyes
See what God does
And take it at face value
That God did an amazing thing
Just because He loves us
God, let me see
Everything through
A child’s eyes


Forgiveness is hard
It gets a lot easier
When you hold hands
With the Source of Forgiveness
And let it pass through you
Like an electric shock
Shared while holding hands
Holding onto the Source
Makes you a conduit
For His forgiveness
Only then can it be easy
To release the wrongs
Done to you,
The slights and hurts given
And to forgive them
With complete absolution


Listening in church
Last Sunday,
Our pastor spoke about
Counseling men
Struggling with pornography
He told them to ditch
Their smart phones
To throw out their computers
They balked.
So he posed a simple question
Pastor Charles asked,
“Would you rather enter heaven
Without a computer,
Without a smart phone,
Or would you rather,
Enter into hell
With full wifi coverage?”
I say the choice is yours
To choose how you struggle

Living With Jesus

Living with Jesus
Is more than a religion
More than ritual
More than going to church

Living with Jesus
Is a daily choice
A way of life
That touches everything

Living with Jesus
Changes what you do
How you see the world
Who you want to be

Living with Jesus
Is not hazard free
Is completely amazing
And changes everything

Things Between

Why do I keep
Putting things made
By human hands
Before my God

These statues made
Out of ordinary things
Cast by human hands
Meaningless shiny baubles

Wealth is useless
Heaven’s streets
Are paved with gold
This rock doesn’t matter

God clear out the clutter
The useless man made things
That I put between us
Let’s clear out my mess

Then it can be
Just You and me
Spending time together
With nothing in between