Mountain Climbing

The other day I looked
Back over my life
For last couple years
I was surprised by what I saw
What felt like a twisting path
Through thick vegetation
Was a straight trail
Right up the side
Of a steep mountain
I am more than halfway up
I didn’t even know
I was mountain climbing
Jesus guided each foot fall
He set each step down
On path He is blazing for me



Even the disciples didn’t get it
Until Jesus died and rose
While He walk among them
They learned and followed
But each kept trying to be
First, closest, competing
To show their worth
They asked who is first
Then Jesus died horribly
And they scattered, utterly lost
Until the third day arrived
And He came back
Conquered death, is alive
And that’s when they saw
When their eyes opened wide
Jesus explained
What had happened
What was written came to be
Everything came together
It all made sense
When a Man no longer dead
Walked among them
That’s when they understood
And then the Holy Spirit came
A gift from God to live inside us
Until Jesus comes again

Thirty Years

Thirty years ago
On a bright Easter morning
I sat beside my parents at church
Feeling a bit lonely
Was Easter just a bunny
And finding eggs and candy?
I listened close and heard
It is not.
You see, there’s this guy
Who wants to always
Play with me
Share my thoughts
Hold me close
And love me
No matter what
And never let me
Feel lonely again
And I wanted
Desperately to know him
So I closed my eye
And invited Him in
And that’s the day
Jesus came inside me to stay

Thirty years of steps
Thirty years of moments
Thirty year of breaths drawn
With my Jesus inside me

They Say

They say it was all a hoax
There was no resurrection
He wasn’t really dead.
Maybe He just fainted
But all His blood poured out
How could He live
Without a drop
Left in His body
They respond, okay
I guess He did die,
But He’s not alive,
Someone moved his body
Oh, with this I agree
Someone moved the body,
It was the same one who died
Who came back to life
Jesus moved His body
He had need of it
After defeating death
After coming back to life
He is God, He lives
He was born a boy
But still He was God
There before time began
And He loves us
He poured out all His blood
Just because He loves us
He is risen, indeed.