The One Who Walks Inside Me

Through the shadows
Through the darkness
Through the days
Filled with brightness
There is One Who Walks
Inside of me

He is my friend
And my companion
He shares my life
And my path
Never leaving me
Though great times or pain

There is One Who Walks
He walks inside me
He never leaves
He hears my thoughts
And never abandons me
He walks inside me



Sometimes I try
So hard it hurts
And I get smacked
Down at every turn
Sometimes I give up
And just let go
And that’s when Jesus
Makes the flowers grow
He makes me stop
And smell the roses
Goggle at how big
The sunflowers bloom
See how the hills are
Carpeted in rainbow hues
And that’s when he leans
Close and whispers to me
“I wanted you to see
How much more beautiful
You are to me
Than all these flowers
Could ever hope to be.”

Another Round

When the earth quakes
And the wind blows
Until it swirls destructively
And life storms threaten everything
I stand strong on my knees
Ready to go another round
Because I don’t stand alone
I stand with God
He lifts me to my feet
Off the ground
In righteousness
He clothes me
And I stand
With strength far
Beyond my own
Against the raging storm
I stand ready
Ready to go another round

Teach Me to Love my Scars

Meet me here God
In the depth of my weakness
Where I break and shudder
Where I fear someone will find out
What is in my past
I am not proud of some
Of what I’ve done
They’ve left me scars
Of which I am ashamed
Oh God, I am so scared
Someone will see my scars
Help me! Be perfect in my weakness
Oh God, be my strength
Teach me to no longer
Be ashamed of who I was
Use my scars to love
The way You use Yours
Help me, God!
Teach me to love my scars

Something From Nothing

God, You make something
Out of nothing
And more than enough
To have a lot left over

You turn the bad into good
Water to wine
The dead back to life
The sick are healed

Something out of nothing
First there was dust
And then you made us
Humanity was born

God, You make something
Out of nothing
I am one of those things
That was once a nothing