Something Odd

It’s weird that Christians
Are seen as goody two shoes
Boring and straight-laced
Jesus was a full on rebel
He broke traditions
He questioned the leaders
He did crazy things for His time
Like value children and women
He touched the dying
He went to the places
Considered the worst parts of town
He worked on the Sabbath
He was such a rebel
That they labeled him as dangerous
And they had Him killed
But that is when He rebelled
In the biggest way possible
He refused to stay dead
And He did it for us
It’s something odd
It’s something amazing
It continues to change the world


So I write poems
And I never thought of it
As any kind of talent
To me it was normal
Just a part of me,
One I only recently realize
Not everyone has
My mom take paint and paper
And makes these amazing things
I hang in my house
She’s just learning
How awe inspiring
What she does is
To those of us who can’t
She has talent.
You do to.
Here is mine
What will you do with yours?

Bubble Castle

Each part of me
Started in a soap bubble
All enclosed on its own
Stacked together,
They made a bubble castle,
Shiny, compartmentalized
Then God came in
Like a child’s finger
And poked the thin
Transparent bubble walls
They burst and with each one
His smile grows wider
The castle collapses
My life looks like a stew
Jumbled together
Everything touches
My eyes are wide in shock
And then I see what’s happened
All that makes me
Is now connected
I pop the last bubble
And take away the last piece
That kept me from being whole
My bubble castle is gone
And it’s incredibly amazing

War Between Head and Heart

There is a constant war
Between the voice in my head
And the voice in my heart

My head questions,
Second guesses,
Over analyzes everything
Makes my head ache

My heart encourages,
Reaches out,
Reassures everything will work out

The voice in my head
Belongs to me
The voice in my heart
Belongs to Jesus

There is a constant war
Between the voice in my head
And the voice in my heart

The only way to bring peace
Is to surrender my head
I give up my voice
Victory goes to Jesus