When things go wrong
When things go right
Nothing changes that life
Has a beauty all it’s own
Because life is beautiful

That’s Jesus

When I have
No strength
Yet I get up
That’s Jesus

When I am
Totally used up
Yet keep going
That’s Jesus

When I have
No more words
Yet keep speaking
That’s Jesus

When I hurt,
Have no joy,
Yet I can smile
That’s Jesus

Holy Treasure

Humans value strength
See money and power
As status symbols
The world says
The more you have
The better you are
To God, these human values
Are not but refuse and lies
Holy treasure is built
From love and sacrifice
From vulnerability
From openness to reaching out
To those in need
To accepting help
To treating others as worthy
Of dignity when the world
Tells us to throw them away
I would rather have
Holy treasure than all
The human treasure in the world

What Are You Worth?

Did you know that
On your very worst day,
You are worth dying for?

Did you know that
At your most broken
Your are infinitely loved?

Did you know that
When you think it’s over
It’s all about to begin?

You are loved.
Just as you are.
You are deeply loved.

A life has already been given
In trade for yours
Out of that same love.

When you feel the least worthy,
You are the most worth
That loving sacrifice.

You have worth
This world needs you.
You are loved.

Draw Closer

I use what I have
To draw closer to Jesus
If all I have is feet
I use them to walk
Down the path He’s
Set out for me
If all I have are words
I use them to write
And point my heart
Towards my Savior
But I have a lot more things
Than just feet and words
And I use it all
To draw closer
Closer to Jesus
To walk in His footprints
To love His world
To love other people
And draw closer to Jesus