From Dust

From dust He formed us
From dust He crafted
His masterpieces
Humanity was formed
Molded and filled
With a purpose
And then He
Gave that dust life
He breathed His own
Breath into that dust
He made us human
He saw it was good

Thrown Away

There are billions of people
And I am just one
What difference can I make
Will it matter if my life
Is just thrown away
There will still be
Billions of other people
Who can take my place
I used to wonder if
Anyone would really miss me
If I just disappeared
And then I got poked
In the heart by the guy
Who lives inside it
He whispered and said
I see you, I know you
I will not forget you
I won’t let you disappear
With Me, you are never thrown away
You are not disposable
You are not replaceable
You are unique, one of a kind,
You are one out of billions
The only one of you
I did not make you
To be thrown away

The Path

On every journey
There are fires and floods
Droughts and famine
Time of plenty
Others that are lean

The path you walk
Has hills and valleys
Twists and turns
Where you can’t see
What’s just around the turn

The ground is slippery
At other times firm
At times it’s hard to find
The path you belong on
That’s why there’s a Guide

He shows the way
To keep you steady
Following your own journey
The one laid out for you
He’s the very best company

We each have a path
A journey all our own
I take The Guide with me
And I never walk alone
I don’t lose my way


What do you do
When something happens
The unexpected
What’s your reaction
When things happen

Your car breaks down
Do you curse and scream
Do you just take care of things
Do you call out for help
Or do you break down too

Or do you bow your head
And tell The Lord of all
That the car he gave you failed
What’s your reaction
When these things happen

Everyone falls down
With some type of pain and hurt
Do you suck it up, walk it off
Weep and cry for help
Or reach up and wait for Dad

What do you do
When something happens
The unexpected
What’s your reaction
When things happen