Something Missing

Do you ever feel
That something is missing
And you strive and achieve
But it’s never enough
No matter how hard you drive
How much you get done
You’re never satisfied
Nothing is ever enough
There’s something missing

Call me crazy, call me fanatic
Maybe you’ll laugh,
Say I’m deluded, I’m crazy
Maybe you’ll say there is no God
There couldn’t be, it’s all a lie
But I’m still going to say
What’s missing is Jesus
Earth-born Son of God
Crucified, bled and died
Risen from the grave
For our forgiveness

Call me anything you want
I won’t stop loving God,
Loving you, and telling Jesus
All about you
And praying you meet Him
So you can see
That no amount of striving
Will ever satisfy
That something missing

Only God can do that
He’s the something
That you are missing
Call me whatever you want
I can take it
I’m not missing anything


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