Already Here

God isn’t there just
For the crisis moment
You call out His name
He’s not hiding
Waiting for the next scream
God’s right there
With you, watching
Intervening in the smallest things
He never sleeps
And he never leaves
He’s there for a lifetime
Of everything on Earth
Followed by an unending
Eternal afterlife
He never leaves
Or wavers or stops
Loving us deeply
When that crisis hits
And we call His name,
He’s already here.

A Process

Forgiveness is a process
Not a thing that happens overnight
It’s not a one shot deal
The bigger the hurt
The more times that same thing
Has to be forgiven
It may take a day
Or it may take a lifetime
But to not forgive
Is to seal your own tomb
To lock your own prison door
The choice is on each of us
Forgive or imprisonment
In a cell of lonely pain
Will you unlock the door?


What kind of crown
Should the king wear?
A circlet of gold
Encrusted with jewels?
Should he have a crown
That shows he is royal?
What about the King
Who is God
Creator of all
Should He wear gold
And jewels on his head?
He doesn’t, He wears
A circlet of thorns
Tipped in His blood
More precious than rubies
Or any gemstone
His blood crowns His head
A living symbol
That God forgives
That He submitted to death
So that we may live
What kind of crown
Does my king wear?
A crown of thorns
A crown of love
A crown of life
And of forgiveness


Watching my friends achieve
Used to leave me jealous
Wishing I was them
Aching for that moment
The light shines down on me
But not now
I got to share
An amazing moment
A dream fulfilled
With my friend
And I didn’t wish
To change places
I celebrated getting to share
That moment
By supporting her
And being her cheerleader
I love watching
The amazing moments
Free from jealousy


I’ve lied, I swear
I even stole once
I do things that
Put space between
Me and God
These things aren’t good
Aren’t pure, they put space
Between me and God
If I keep it up,
I’ll be farther away
Than before I met God
And asked Him to stay
Inside me always
But God forgives me
And deletes the space
Between us, it’s gone
This forgiveness isn’t
A one time deal
As I live my life,
I need more space
Taken away, forgiven
My sins are deleted
Every time I ask
Though I keep
Putting new space
Between me and God,
He erases it every time
Though I mess up
Every single day,
God and me
Have no space
Between us

What’s Funny

There’s something funny
Something supremely strange
That I’m accepted by
The God of the universe
But fear human rejection
As an author,
Rejection is a huge part
Of the industry
I’m working on joining
I deal with this scary monster
Every time I check my email
But it won’t stop me
I will be rejected by humans,
But never by the One
Who created all the people
I’m still scared, I still tremble,
But I still face the monster
The more I hang out with the monster,
The less scared I am.