I Don’t Know

I don’t know how you’ve been reading these poems, but they are about you. You might be thinking they’re not. You’re wrong. You might think you’ve done too many things for the God in these poems to forgive, but that just isn’t possible. You see, He loves us so much He gave ever single ever from the beginning to the very last one a unique print. A God who pays that much attention to details that don’t matter is way bigger than any details that do matter. He’s waiting for you. He loves you. I should know, He loves me too.


Below the Surface

What can you tell
Just by looking?
Can you see people’s thoughts
By seeing their clothes?
Do you know their true worth
Based on who made their shoes?
Or is there more
More to everyone
Than what is visible
Than what is available
To see on the outside
The wrappings don’t matter
The heart is where it is
Truth and value live
On the inside of everyone
Unseen, hidden, found
By more than a glance
Each person is a buried treasure
With their own unique map
To the heart buried inside

I Believe Me

Many would find it surprising
That yesterday was the first time
I felt like I wasn’t a fraud
When I said, “I’m an author.”
My mind has been
Filled with, “yeah, but”
And maybe I am, but I’m not
And a whole bunch
Of other phrases
That are full of self-denial
So here I sit writing
Knowing for the first time
What has been obvious
To everyone else
I finally believe you


My view of life is simple
I see the basics
Even though I know
How complicated
Everything really is
But if the crazy details
Are set aside at first
The situation becomes
A lot easier to understand
At it’s root, a lot of things
Are the same
That doesn’t make
Any of it easier to deal with,
But it shows how we can all
Connect together much easier
We’re all the same
At the most basic level
The crazy details
Are what make us unique