The masks we wear every day
Can’t hide us from the Lord
He sees us exactly as we are
We stand unmasked before Him

He is God
Knower of our hearts
Lover of our souls
Creator of all

There is nowhere
In this life or beyond
That we can hide
From the Lord

He is God,
Ever present, all knowing
And He loves us
Just the way we are

He sees through our masks
He knows who we are
He’s ready to help us all
Take off our masks


We all wear masks
Putting on the faces
We think others want to see
The real us, locked away
Imprisoned inside
We say it’s to keep
Our true selves safe
But the truth is
The more we wear our masks
The more they become
Who we are rather than
The us we locked away
And that is a true tragedy
Unless we take off our masks
And free the us locked away


God You are huge
You are amazing
You made this whole world
And yet You listen
To what I say
You hear my small voice
Out of all the noise
The entire universe makes
How amazing it is
To know I have the ear
Of the Creator of all
No matter what I am loved
Despite all things I am heard
And by the One
Who made everything

That Thing

Sometimes something grabs hold
That just won’t let go
It holds on and drags
At our necks
Makes it hard to breathe
And it won’t come off
Can’t make it leave

Help is needed
Bigger help is required
Can’t do it all alone
It just doesn’t work
The hold only grips tighter
It digs in, cuts off your air
Bigger help is required

One gasp, one word
Only one thought away
God is waiting
Ready to intervene
Tear that thing off of you
Free you from it’s grasp
And let you breathe again

A Taste

The silence of a thousand
Bowed heads
Is just a taste
Of how heaven will be

The course of a thousand
Singing voices
Is just a taste
Of how heaven will be

The arms wrapped around me
In a tight
Are just a taste
Of how heaven will be

Every moment I feel God’s
Completely enveloping love
Is just a taste
Of how heaven will be

It’s just a taste
Of the place
Where we’ll live forever
Together with Jesus

When It Gets Awkward

Jesus doesn’t leave me
When it gets awkward
He won’t stay locked away
Hiding in my heart
When I do something
That puts a strain
On our relationship
He never needs
Space from me
He never needs
Time apart to regroup
He knows exactly
Who I am and loves
Every single part of me
Even my crazy awkward parts
And I’ve got a lot of those
He knows everything
And loves me completely