Caught Up

Wake up! Get moving!
The season is approaching
You’re behind from not starting
You’ll never get caught up
There’s not enough time
The holidays are here

I’m caught up in the rush
The push to be ready
To get to work, get it done
So I can then enjoy it
I’m caught up
Trying to get caught up

Stop everything!
This isn’t about me
Or mistletoe and wreaths
It’s about the gift
Given to us by God
It’s about Jesus

I need to stop and untangle
From the net that
Has me caught
Up in this world’s rush
I will stop and turn
To focus on Jesus


I’ve Become

Who is the person I’ve become?
The one who cries
At television and movies
Who gets overwhelmed
By all the small things
Working smoothly and
Overflows with happy tears
When everything goes right.
I used to handle it all,
Both good and bad with
Even-tempered calm,
Unflappable is what I was
But now, I see all things
That bring me joy.
All the blessings
All the little bits
And I break down
In happy tears
My joy and gratitude
Overflowing, literally
From brimming eyes
Overflowing with gratitude
For how God has blessed me
This person I’ve become
Is one who is grateful,
Thankful for everything

Understanding God

To understand God
Is to understand He
Is not human
He is not some thing
We can put in a container
And study to learn the rules
By which He operates
Science explains the things
In nature, His creation
There is a balance and order
To the Earth and all
The touchable, seeable
Things in it
God is not a slave
To these rules,
He set them up,
But He is not subject
To these things He made
He is not a subject to humans
He made us.
He made us curious
He made us to think
To explore our world
To investigate the rules
To understand the balances
And to see that He is
Outside these understandable things
He is much greater than
The rules and the balance
And He gifted us
The chance to be
Out of balance too
We can go to extremes
We can fully accept
This otherness God provides
Or fully reject it
Some of us even make
This pursuit of balance
A lifelong quest
For perfect balance
In understanding God
There is the amazing
Surprise of God’s
Blanketing love
It exists just like Him
Outside the balances
Beyond the rules
It doesn’t follow the things
We can understand
Or wrap our human minds around
It makes no sense
That we could be so loved
Or accepted when
Our lives have gone
Like they have
In understanding God
The best place to start
Is by break a rule
And admitting He is beyond
Our human understanding
After that, things start
To make some sense