Wouldn’t Trade A Breath

New Years is the time
I always stop and think
About what the closing year held
And what the next might bring
Ups and downs I had in spades
With calm times balancing excitement
Life this year was filled with friends
And family and especially God
Jesus, we had a good one
And we’re about to start another.
As the new year rings in
And the old one closes,
Know that I wouldn’t
Trade one breath
Of where we walked together.



Sometimes I wonder if I make plans
Just to make God laugh
My plans often fail
And God shows up
And He salvages the situation
And teaches me something new
There is so much
I still have to learn
And so many times
I still need saving
The plans I make fail
But the Plan He makes
Is perfect every time
It’s better than anything
I can think up
And it teaches me how much
I still need saving

He Whispers

God loves me more
Than I love myself
Which is a good thing
Because sometimes.
I don’t even like me
Let alone love me
But in those times,
God loves me more deeply
To cover my lack
He loves me enough
To destroy my self loathing
To take away the voice
In my head that tells me
How much I suck
God whispers how valuable I am
God’s whispers are louder
Than my own mind
Imbued by His love
His whispers destroy
That voice and teach me
To love who I am again
Over and over
As many times
As I forget
He reminds me
I am loved

Built for Passion

It’s when life gets boring
Completely routine
That we forget
And start grumbling

Because we’re built for passion
Built to love and connect
To other humans
Join in supportiveness

Designed to reach out
To love and be loved
Built to move and
Change the world

We were built for passion
God sent His Son to die for us
Out of His passion for us
Because He built us for passion


It’s utterly ridiculous
That the God who
Made the world would
Chose to save it
By being born
In the most shameful
Way available to Him
When the time was right
And that He should chose
To die in such a horrible way
With His arms nails open
All that craziness just to save us
There’s no more ridiculous way
To save the world
And that’s one more reason
I believe all of it as truth

Fear to Love

My emotions have ranged
From utter hopelessness
To pure joy and
A sense that I am so
Loved and cared for that
God has put together a plan
To care for my concerns
In a way that my poor
Human brain can’t understand
I am so loved
I am so loved
I really have nothing to fear
That doesn’t mean I won’t
Be so scared I shake and cry
It means God holds me as I do
I am so loved