Available Seats

Why isn’t the church fuller?
Why are there seats available?
Are people so jaded
They hear about God’s love
And blow it off because
They just don’t buy it?
The thing is, there’s nothing to buy
God’s love is free
His forgiveness is real
If you don’t believe me
Check it out for yourself
There are plenty of seats
In God’s house
The truth is, our world is broken
Look around if you think I’m wrong
I don’t have all the answers
But I know one for sure
I need God’s love
Or all the broken wrongness
Will destroy me
If you’re feeling destroyed,
You might try one of the seats
In the church
Maybe it’s waiting for you
I know one other thing,
Jesus trained as a carpenter
He’s been making more chairs
For two thousand years…
No wonder there are so many
Available seats


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