Who am I?
Where do I identify?
I’m a mom, a wife, a daughter
Writer, reader, chocolate eater
Child of God
Why is that last on my list?
The truth is its not
It’s the identity
That infuses all the others
It is first and last
And everywhere in between
I am blessed, I am loved
That is who I am made to be
So first of all I am
God’s created entity
A vessel for His love
A container for His strength
His daughter, His child
I am many things, but
God will always be
My identity

The Drive

God, I trust You
With all of everything
I’m here for the ride
You’re driving this thing
I give You control,
Though I know there
Will be times when
I try to steer
From the back seat
Or shout out directions
Or jump out of the car
Going down the highway,
But I know You’re still in control
Even when I forget
Or think I know better
And that makes
All the difference in the world
And all the difference
After the drive on this world ends

The Lord’s Table

The invitations are sent
The chairs and tables set
There is infinite space
To expand the feast
Everyone is invited
To come and dine
At the table of the Lord
There is room for you
And everyone you know
There is nothing you can do
Or ever have done
That will take away the place
Set for you at the table
Will you come to the feast
Join us at the party
Your place is prepared
Set up just for you
The Lord awaits you
Ready to share
The bounty of His house
Welcome you as honored
More than just a guest
These seats are for family
Come and sit and eat
Join us sisters and brothers
Take your place
Waiting for you
At the Lord’s table


God, I’m restless
I’m wiggling in this pew
I’m having trouble
Paying attention
Let’s keep that
Just between me and You
I don’t know why
I’m wiggling
Or what it is that
Is making me
So restless
This fidgetiness
Is annoying
But maybe it
Serves a purpose
Because we’re talking
You’ve got
My attention
I’m listening
And now I’m still

A Christmas Poem in January

The boxes were all opened
The lights packed away
Christmas ended days ago
The tree is taken down
Resolutions have been started
Forgotten and quit
A new year has come,
But I still can’t remember
To write it down right
The drudgery of work
And life and routine
Has returned in full force
The holidays are over
What a relief
I say that out loud
But inside I feel
A piece of sadness
For the loss of the magic
The time of wonder
When everyone smiles brighter
And the world is a bit nicer
And then I go home
And see my little child
Just a pair of feet
Sticking out behind the couch
“What are you doing?”
“Look at what I found!”
Held up in a grubby hand
A bright smile claims her face
“I found Jesus.”
In three words,
I’m undone she’s said it all
With a tight hug
For my little girl
I remember what
I didn’t realize was lost
I forgot that though
The seasons will change,
I should never ever pack away
My Lord and Savior Jesus
The holidays are done
But the magic and wonder remain
Just the same way Jesus
Lives inside me every day

Like Bacon

It’s probably really irreverent of me
To say that people look at Christ
Like they do adding bacon
To every food,
But the analogy holds up
For a lot of foods,
Bacon enhances the flavor
Adds a new dimension
Other foods it makes too salty
Or destroys a subtlety
That was amazing
Before the bacon was added
This is how some people see God
Some are afraid He will
Ruin what they have
Others fear they’ll lose
What makes them unique
Others thirst for God
The way my brother does bacon.
Still others are to God
Like vegetarians to bacon
They have no use for Him
I weep for what they miss out on
Others try to substitute
God for a look alike
It’s like subbing
Bacon for a dog treat
Not really fit for human consumption
There is no substitute for God
So following God for me
Is a bit like bacon
I can’t get enough.