Like Bacon

It’s probably really irreverent of me
To say that people look at Christ
Like they do adding bacon
To every food,
But the analogy holds up
For a lot of foods,
Bacon enhances the flavor
Adds a new dimension
Other foods it makes too salty
Or destroys a subtlety
That was amazing
Before the bacon was added
This is how some people see God
Some are afraid He will
Ruin what they have
Others fear they’ll lose
What makes them unique
Others thirst for God
The way my brother does bacon.
Still others are to God
Like vegetarians to bacon
They have no use for Him
I weep for what they miss out on
Others try to substitute
God for a look alike
It’s like subbing
Bacon for a dog treat
Not really fit for human consumption
There is no substitute for God
So following God for me
Is a bit like bacon
I can’t get enough.


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