A Christmas Poem in January

The boxes were all opened
The lights packed away
Christmas ended days ago
The tree is taken down
Resolutions have been started
Forgotten and quit
A new year has come,
But I still can’t remember
To write it down right
The drudgery of work
And life and routine
Has returned in full force
The holidays are over
What a relief
I say that out loud
But inside I feel
A piece of sadness
For the loss of the magic
The time of wonder
When everyone smiles brighter
And the world is a bit nicer
And then I go home
And see my little child
Just a pair of feet
Sticking out behind the couch
“What are you doing?”
“Look at what I found!”
Held up in a grubby hand
A bright smile claims her face
“I found Jesus.”
In three words,
I’m undone she’s said it all
With a tight hug
For my little girl
I remember what
I didn’t realize was lost
I forgot that though
The seasons will change,
I should never ever pack away
My Lord and Savior Jesus
The holidays are done
But the magic and wonder remain
Just the same way Jesus
Lives inside me every day


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