Worship is More

Worship is more than singing
It is all about being with God
In whatever you’re doing
Meeting someone, praying
Talking, eating, digging
There is not one thing
We humans do that can’t
Become a time of worship
It’s all about focusing on
Doing what you’re doing with God



Sacrifice was never really about
The slaughter of animals
It’s hard to understand
In our society of plenty,
But back then, food was money
Your worth was based
On how easy it was
For you to feed your family
Not that much has changed
We still value this
But count or coins,
Not our flocks
Offering and sacrifice
Are about honoring God
With our very best
Not what’s left
But the first of it
The best of what we are
That is what offering’s about

My Place in God’s House

My place in God’s house
Is in the works
I secured it years ago
When I accepted that
Jesus loves me
And died for me
I know my place is secure
He is crafting it just for me
Just as I have invited Him
To make His home inside me
Our bond is more intimate
That the one between
My heart and my brain
He knows both better than I do
He is my first love
My eternal love
And when my spirit and body part
I will go to live
In my place in God’s house


Complete fulfillment,
Quenched desires,
The ultimate move
That seals the promises,
The act of consummation
Is both huge and intimate
I’m not talking about marriage
I’m not alluding to sex
I’m talking about a death
Two thousand years ago
Jesus died and when He did
He consummated all
Of God’s love and promises
His love is sweeter and deeper
More lasting than
The fleeting euphoria of sex
More complete than a lifetime
Spent with the one you love
God’s love is so much more


There is desire for many things
I desire chocolate
I desire sleep
I desire my husband
God created me for this

Lust is a different thing
From desire, though they look
Similar on the surface
To lust is to chase after
And disregard responsibility

Desire is different
It’s to long and want
Much like lust,
But done consciously
And done with love

Lust is selfish
It is lying permission
To break our own ideals
And it starts with a desire
But gets twisted

Desire is awesome
It leads to passion
And when desire is quenched
The world shakes
Where lust breaks