There is desire for many things
I desire chocolate
I desire sleep
I desire my husband
God created me for this

Lust is a different thing
From desire, though they look
Similar on the surface
To lust is to chase after
And disregard responsibility

Desire is different
It’s to long and want
Much like lust,
But done consciously
And done with love

Lust is selfish
It is lying permission
To break our own ideals
And it starts with a desire
But gets twisted

Desire is awesome
It leads to passion
And when desire is quenched
The world shakes
Where lust breaks


2 thoughts on “Different

  1. Hi Becca – here’s a Big Thank You for adding your voice to the teachers’ voices at tonight’s school board meeting. We appreciate it no end. Plus, my search for an email address for you led me to your poetry blog — life is good!

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