He Came

He came in a way
They didn’t expect
They didn’t understand 
How could they

He came in accord
With God’s own plan
Not one the human mind
Was made to grasp

He came as a baby
Born and raised
Among the humans
God’s hand made

He came and taught
And hung out with those
Who others shunned as sinners
He healed and led them

The humans who thought
They were following the rules
Who shunned those who didn’t
Were jolted by His ways

They grew fearful and conniving
Forming a plan 
To root out the problem
As they labeled Him  

Because He came in a way
They didn’t understand 
They decided they had
To protect their corrupt ways

So they decided
To throw Him in a cage
Make Him a criminal
And destroy all He’d done

But their plan didn’t work
It backfired a lot
They never understood
You can’t cage up God

You can’t kill Him
He just won’t stay dead
There’s nothing man made
That can possibly hold Him

He came in a way
They didn’t understand
He left in a way
In accordance with His plan

He came to be
The final sacrifice
He came as a baby
Born and named Jesus


At First and Now

At first, we gazed
Into each other’s eyes
To sit and be
Still together 
Was a greater pleasure
Than the most 
Complicated date
In that time
Our love grew
The roots formed
And something sprouted
Between us
Our love became a life
That we nurtured together
But at times,
We’ve wilted a bit
Ignored what made us thrive
The best thing 
That we ever did
Was to go back 
And to remember
How amazing it is
To sit and gaze
Into each other’s eyes
Remembering how
Our love first kindled
Is why it still thrives

Comfort Zone

My comfort zone is fuzzy
Filled with things 
That make me happy
Things I understand
Places I know well
The thing is, 
God keeps calling me
He doesn’t just want me 
To leave my comfort zone
He wants me to leap away
And add the new place
To my comfort zone
As soon as I do,
He calls me out again
My comfort zone is becoming
This huge thing
I don’t recognize as my own
The best thing I can do
Is shrug and enjoy it
God’s pretty awesome 
And I love Him
And I love the people 
He keeps adding to my comfort zone


How many times can you hear
That you’re no good
You’re a failure
You’re horrible
You’re ugly, you suck
Before it becomes 
Something you tell yourself

That’s shame
Guilt in all its horridity
That seeps inside 
And multiplies 
Until it destroys
Who you are

God wants to unshame you
To lift up your head
And restore who you are
He loves you
Even when you don’t
And sees through the shame
To who you were before

He wants you to know
How deeply He loves you
How all the things you
Shame yourself about are forgiven
God wants to unshame you
He wants to teach you
To see how you look 
Through His eyes

To Him, you’re beautiful 
You’re capable
And incredible
You’re unique, one of a kind
You have a role to fill
In this crazy mixed up world
God wants you to live
An unshamed life

God Knows

I know you intimately
I saw you when you were formed
I hear your thoughts
I see how you work
I understand you concerns
I’ve counted your hairs
And every tear you’ve shed
I see you when no one else can
I know the things 
You’ve done behind the scenes
I’m the only one
Who knows the amazing 
Things you’ve done 
I’ve also seen what 
You wish was hidden
I’ve seen it all
And I want you to know
I love you
I find you beautiful 
You are amazing
I love who you are
I want to show you
Who you are 
When I look at you
Maybe then you’ll
Understand why I love you

Tripping Hazard

God’s unending love
Is beyond understanding
And the drive to try to earn
Something that’s not for sale
But is only to be given away
Is a tripping hazard
Worse than stray Legos 
Under bare feet
But unlike the Lego pain
When we trip on God’s love
He catches us
And holds us in His arms
Until His unending love
And complete gift of grace
Is something we understand
And no longer a tripping hazard