When You Look At Me

God, when You look at me
You still see the same way
I saw my daughters
The very first time
I held them
You still see me
As a tiny precious 
New creation that 
Depends completely on You
For every single thing
You see me as new
Untouched by anything 
That could make me 
Less than perfect
You see me as inseparable 
Because to let me go
Would be certain death
And that’s how I am
You see me with all the love
And promise that I understand
From when I first held my kids
I am more vulnerable
Than I ever have been
And need more than anything 
To know that You still see me
The way You did 
When You first met me
When You first held me
When I first tasted Your love
That’s what You see
When You look at me 


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