How many times can you hear
That you’re no good
You’re a failure
You’re horrible
You’re ugly, you suck
Before it becomes 
Something you tell yourself

That’s shame
Guilt in all its horridity
That seeps inside 
And multiplies 
Until it destroys
Who you are

God wants to unshame you
To lift up your head
And restore who you are
He loves you
Even when you don’t
And sees through the shame
To who you were before

He wants you to know
How deeply He loves you
How all the things you
Shame yourself about are forgiven
God wants to unshame you
He wants to teach you
To see how you look 
Through His eyes

To Him, you’re beautiful 
You’re capable
And incredible
You’re unique, one of a kind
You have a role to fill
In this crazy mixed up world
God wants you to live
An unshamed life


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