I’m Not, He Is

I’m not holy
I can say things
That sound that way,
But doing things right
Doesn’t make me righteous
That’s all Jesus
All the holiness I have
Comes from God 
Living in me
Without Him there,
I lose all credibility 
But with God in me
I can speak with authority
That is not my own
All the things I’m not
God is and makes me
I’m not good for much
Apart from the One
Who created me
And continues to shape me
As I walk through life
With God shining out of me



Beyond the bounds
Of what my mind
Can fathom
Is the otherness
The unhumanity
That is God’s holiness
I can reverence it
Though I can never
Fully understand
His unblemished
Holiness that strikes
The kind of awe and fear
Into me like that of a child
Seeing the ocean 
For the very first time
It’s the kind of fear
Filled with awe and wonder
The stumbling forward
Hardly daring to breathe
Scared what I see
Is too amazing to be real
Like that child
I run to God’s holiness
Though fear tells me
I might die or get burned
Yet I can’t stop
Because this holiness
Is something I desperately need
Though I don’t know why
And I don’t understand it
But on a deeper level
Inside me, I know
How much I need God


I’m not what I share
On my Facebook timeline
I’m not perfect
Nothing has clean edges
My life’s a mess
I get broken a lot
And I wouldn’t have it
Any other way
Each crack is a whisper
From God, a glimpse
At who I really am
A snapshot of how
God sees me
So Father God
Keep breaking me
Widen the fissures
Show me the world
With Your eyes
Show me me with Your eyes
Teach me love with
Your heart
Let’s keep it messy 
It’s better when
It’s doesn’t make sense
In my human mind


People can get rusty,
Just like an old car
Rust gathers and corrodes
Over time it can destroy
If left in touched

Rust will eat away
What make the metal strong
What makes it what it is
Rust destroys 
Unless it’s dealt with

Rusty people 
Need the same thing
To be cleaned 
Where corrosion 
Has set in

Praise the Lord
That God sent Jesus
To save us from
The grinder that 
Takes off rust