I find my worth 
In the pierced hands
Of Jesus who died
To set me free 
From my failings
Who lived a life
That was completely perfect
The only One to ever do that
I find my worth in Him
In how He taught
Us to claim 
That we are God’s children
He calls us by name
And if the God 
Who hung the stars
Finds worth in me
Then, I will stand tall
Knowing He loves me
Knowing that I have value
Knowing God calls me Worthy



We all see the world
Through the lenses
Of our own experiences
The same is true when
We work to understand God
We project what we know
To learn more
But God doesn’t fit
Our human understanding
That’s why we call Him our rock
It’s the most solid thing
We have to compare
His unchangingness to
We use the ocean
To describe His great love,
But there’s no way
It’s close to big enough
To describe a single drop
Of God’s love
We trip up on our
Ability to understand
When we try to understand God
One big mistake
Is that we forget
Moodiness is for humans
And doesn’t apply to God
Beyond human understanding
Unfiltered by what He created
God is bigger than we think
More incredible than we can
Ever grasp or imagine

Still Faithful

When life feels like
It’s just hurling rocks
Straight at my face
God is there
Batting them away
He’s still faithful

When the world acts like
An erupting volcano
Filled with burning destruction
God is there
Smothering fires
He’s still faithful

No matter how hard
Or how awesome
Life is going,
God is right there
Still faithful in every way
He’s always faithful

And even when I
Can’t understand
What it is that God’s doing
He’s still right there
Still being faithful
God’d ever faithful

He Calls Me Loved

I call me wretched
He calls me loved
I say I’m awful
He says I’m not
I say I’m unworthy
He say I’m greatly loved
I feel like garbage
In need of throwing away
I think I need to be started over
Clearly a mistake’s been made
He says I’m worth it
Just as I am
He sent His Son
Who died on the cross
He did it for me
And He calls me loved

The Distance

The space between 
My head and heart
Is just a few inches
Not so far apart
Yet that distance
Sometimes feels like
Miles and miles
At times I think
My heart and my head
Forget they’re attached
And try to flee
Further than those inches
Will ever let them be
That’s the distance 
That measures who I am
From who I want to be
And when that distance
Doesn’t seem to exist,
That is when I’m at my best
I strive to live a life
With the distance between 
My head and my heart
Behaving like its just
A few inches