By Our Love

Judgement is a thing
We each fear and face
In ever set of eyes
That we encounter
We guess and wonder
What is going on
Behind each pair
What thoughts pass through
Each mind and are they
Silently judging us?
The only way to know
Is to see what the person does
What they say
And how they behave
As Christians, we are called
To behave out of love
Not out of judgement
Our scriptures say,
“For the judgement
Belongs to the Lord.”
And the Bible tells us
Others will know
We follow Christ
By the way we love
I see the way clear
Between these passages
To act in love
And speak love
And behave in loving ways
And let God be the One
Who does any judging
We don’t have to
And we shouldn’t.
We get to just love people
They will know Who we serve
By our love


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