Each Pair

Each pair of feet
Has walked their own story
They have a journey
To tell us
Until your feet have walked
A ways with another pair
Reserve judgement
Or you’ll never know
The other pair’s story


We all have issues
We’re walking around
Like mosaics of tile
Put back together
And bound together
To form a collage
That is who we are
And the most telling thing
About each mosaic
Is what binds
Each of us together


There’s the shell
Of who we are
That we show the world
And some people
Spend all their time
Grooming is outer image

Beneath that fake shell
Is an inner one
That’s like a case wall
Defensive, built to protect
The deeper me

Not everyone dives in
To get past their own defenses
They never learn more about
What lies beneath
That inner self
That inner being

Yet more people get stuck
Not reaching beyond layer three
But inside of that
Is the core of our being
The one that holds
Our true self

Who we really are
In that core,
Is where I keep God
He tells me who I am
And works to break the layers
To share who I really am


The ground is cracked
The lakes turned to dust
Every drop of moisture
Has been absorbed
And completely used up
The ground is thirsty
For anything that
Might quench it’s
Terrible dryness
So our souls long
For the kind of rain
That heals the cracks
Fills our souls
Like lakes, rivers, and oceans
Like a thunderstorm
With drops bigger than me
God comes in
And completely
Quenches me
He fills me up
Until I overflow
Fresher than the rain
Falling on thirsty
Cracked open dirt
Is the living water
Of my Father God
My thirst is slaked
My heart is quenched
It overflows from my soul
I hope God’s love
Touches yours
My thirst is quenched

With Me In The Small

My God is huge
He made the whole world
Molecule by molecule
He designed every detail
And yet, this great big God
Takes the time
To be with me through everything
In the big times
When my heart breaks
But even more
He’s with me in the small
Like a mosquito bite
Or a hot, hot day
He wipes my brow
With a gentle breeze
He cools my sting
With a cold mountain stream
He’s with me in the big
He’s with me in the small
My powerful God
Is with me through it all


Something about the word church
Conjures images or nice clothes
And fixed hair and
Completely put together people
Well, that’s all nice, but
The God Who lives in me
Isn’t so into appearances
He lives inside and works
From the inside out
And I can honestly say
The whole put together look
Is a human construct
Because it says right
In my Bible that not
A single one of us
Really has it together,
Not even a little.
I’m sitting in a pew
And looking around
At a bunch of people
As messed up as me
I’m wearing shorts
There’re a lot of feet
Bare-toed in countless flip flops
And the kids all wiggle around
Their hair sticking up
Giggling and making faces
Church is about us
The messed up people
Getting together to learn
About our unbroken God