We All Break

Like ice cracking
In the sun’s heat
We all break
We all fall apart
But unlike the ice
We don’t melt away
We heal, we don’t congeal
We reform changed
Sometimes stronger
Sometimes weaker
Until we break again


My Safe Place

When lightning fills the sky
And thunder resounds
When under my feet
The earth shakes
When the wind howls
Swirling around
Ready to destroy
I find my safe place
In the arms of The Lord
My fortress and shelter
The place I’m always safe
Is in the arms of my Father
Creator of the world


Can you see
The panic in my eye
That I’m screaming inside
On the verge
Of overpowering tears

Can you see
That I’m breaking
My soul is torn
And I’m completely
About to fly apart

And that is when
Christ steps in
And holds me
He sends people who can see
To come and comfort me

He sees it all, in and out
Always there, even when I doubt
My God is with me
Always with me
Even when I don’t see


Peace doesn’t mean
That I’m not in the midst
Of a raging storm
It means that my heart
Is wrapped in God’s arm
Held in His peace-filled arms
Where I can rest in His grace

Peace is that place
Where my body is torn
Maybe broken and bleeding
Yet I am not filled
With raging worry
Because I am safe
Wrapped in God’s arms

Peace is knowing
That God will supply my needs
When it feels like
There’s no air to breathe
And trusting in Him
To completely take care of me

Peace is every time
I feel like there’s no way
I can ever be enough
And God telling me
He designed me to be
Exactly who I am
Because He has a plan for me

Peace is trusting God’s love
And power to pick me up
Every single time I fall down
And trusting His arms
To hold me and love me
Every moment of every day
That’s my peace