My Christian Duty

I’m a Christian
I have a duty
I have a purpose
I have a job
It’s to love.
Judgement, not my job
Condemning people to hell
That’s not my job
Excluding people
So not my responsibility
My duty, my job
Is to love just like
The God Who Lives in me
That’s my Christian Duty


From My Grandmother

From my grandmother
I learned to
Make everyone family
To make ties
To each community
Wherever I am

From my grandmother
I learned to
Always wear a smile
Live a life of laughter
And never greet a day
Without love in my heart

From my grandmother
I learned to
Be independent
And that the only barrier
To what I will do is me
And my creativity

From my grandmother
I learned to
Never stop learning
The art of substitution
To wing it when I don’t
Have any answers at all

From my grandmother
I learned to
Make everyone family
To find the treasure
In each experience
Wherever I am


Struggle is hard
Even when I have peace
About it all
It doesn’t stop
The struggle from
Being really hard
And it’s okay
To not be okay
To feel the pain
Of struggle and change
I might be fine,
Yet have tears in my eyes
And hurt in my heart
And not be okay
It’s how it is
It’s totally okay
To not be okay
That’s when God
Holds me tight
Lets me cry
And drys the tears
On my cheeks
Struggle is hard

Herd Member

I’m not complete
Someone needs me
And I need someone else
I’m not made
To be all alone
Or to live
In a bubble
Isolated from everyone,
I’d lose my mind
I need to belong
I need to be a member
Of a human herd
That both need me
As much as I need them
I’m just a human
Designed to connect
To my fellows
I need to be needed
I need to be not alone
A human herd member

How We Church

What church looks like
Is an organization
With lots of rules
And tons of don’ts
What it is inside
Is a weird family
Joined by belief
And common purpose
We’re a group of people
All very different
Our backgrounds unique
Our thoughts differ,
But we love the same God
Who we call Father
Who calls us His children
Church is more than a building
More than a religion
Church is a weird family
Built on God’s eternal love